Giving Opportunities

Permanent Endowment Fund

Hope´s Permanent Endowment Fund was established in 1989 with a gift from a long-time church member. The fund is a way for individuals to give back to the church and expand Christian stewardship. Large and small gifts are accepted. Gifts may be in the form of cash, real estate, corporate stocks, or bonds. A gift to this fund is a gift to the church that will continue to grow long after it has been given.

Permanent Endowment gifts are invested and administered by the Endowment Committee with the approval of the Session. The simplest gifts are undesignated and unrestricted contributions that can be easily used where the greatest need exists. However, individuals may designate their gifts for a certain purpose, program, or memorial consistent with Hope´s mission. Income received from the fund will be used for:

* Mission Outside of Hope Church: local, state, national, or international programs or causes
* Mission Inside of Hope Church: special events beyond the budget, mission trips, scholarships, etc.
* Special Capital Needs: projects around the church, such as building improvements, landscaping, technical equipment, etc.
* Reinvestments: all or any portion thereof, as determined by the Session, will be reinvested as principal.

KGLH Radio

Hope Church hosts a low power ecumenical gospel radio station, KGLH, at 96.9 FM. The radio station is a service to the community and not a budget item of Hope Church. Its survival depends entirely on donations from its listeners and the community. Donations are used to purchase equipment as necessary, pay yearly music license fees, fees to the FCC and other fees.

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Other Ideas for Donations

* Building Fund
* Camera and Sound Equipment
* CARE Pantry
* Deacons
* Educational Programming
* Missions
* Prayer Garden
* Technology Upgrades
* Youth Group