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Collecting Money

Donate Now

Donating is a part of our worship and service to God.  Whether you are tithing to help with our operating costs or contributing over and above your tithe for a special project or mission, your dollars will help us minister God's hope to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Below are just a few of the missions and projects you can give towards.

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All Gender Restroom

Restroom Remodeling

We are in the process of remodeling our restrooms to make them more handicapped accessible for our congregants and those who visit us.

CARE Pantry

The CARE Pantry is a mission we have for those who have fallen on tough times and need help getting those household and hygiene items.  We give out anything from toilet paper to diapers, shampoo/conditioner to toothpaste and toothbrushes, and cleaning supplies.


River of Hope Youth Center

Our youth are very important to us.  Because of this, we have the River of Hope Youth Center for our youth to meet in, as well as the youth of the community.  With your donations, we are able to keep the doors open and minister to all of our youth.

KGLH Radio (96.9 fm)

Hope hosts a low power radio station.  This radio station is a service to the community and not a budget item.  Its survival depends entirely on donations.  These donations are used to purchase equipment as necessary, pay yearly music license fees, as well as fees to the FCC.

On Air Sign
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